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about this service:

The search results will show past sales of Heavy Metal CDs that were sold on ebay, both auctions and Buy It Now formats. As you know, ebay is the biggest auction site and one of the most significant marketplaces. Every day tens of thousands of items are being sold via ebay worldwide. At any given time there are more than two and a half million CDs offered and generally more than 100.000 CDs are under the "Metal" category.

Ebay will display past sales of items that were sold the last 30 days. Our database has the vast majority of sold Metal CDs since January 2011. The results will give you enough information on those CDs and of course the sold price. All Metal genres are included: Thrash, Death, Black, Progressive, Doom, NWOBHM, Power, Gothic, Hair Metal and so on. When you perform a search the results you will see are based on the item title as well as the description of the item.

Our database is not exhaustive. It does not include sales from other on-line and off-line marketplaces or private sales. However, since ebay counts for the biggest percentage of sold CDs you can get a very clear idea about the value of CDs. Apart from the sold items you will also see a list of current listings of the same artist and/or album that you searched for.

Items that are NOT included in the database: unsold items, vinyls and tapes unless of course they are listed under the CDs category.