The following pages are dedicated to those individuals from all around the world who would love to share their passion about collecting! Here you can show off pictures of your collection and talk about it. Why you collect? What was that first item? What is your holy grail? The journey never stops!

Come share your passion about Metal and contact us to get you here!

Jon Kruse Elias Chatzialexis
Jon Kruse (Nebraska, USA) Elias Chatzialexis (Athens, Greece)
Lars Christiansen Karsten Thaetner
Lars Christiansen (Oxford, UK) Karsten T. (Bavaria, Germany)
Matt Rudzinski Nick Anastopoulos
Matt Rudzinski (North Carolina, USA) Nick Anastopoulos (Crete, Greece)
Shawn Mason Taylor Hardy
Shawn Mason (Norfolk, UK) Taylor Hardy (Colorado, USA)

Bill Hansen
Javi Felez Rodriguez
Bill Hansen (Minneapolis, USA) Javi Felez Rodriguez (Barcelona, Spain)